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Urbinsight connects communities with knowledge and tools they can use to improve social and environmental health and well-being.


A Global Data Initiative

A forum for in-depth exploration of themes and issues related to urban ecology.

Ecocity Forum

A Forum for In-Depth Exploration

A knowledge portal on sustainable urbanism. Features articles and columns by ecocity experts and enthusiasts.

Ecocities Emerging

The Ecocity Builders Journal

A practical methodology for assessing and guiding progress towards an ecologically-restorative human civilization.

Ecocity Standards

Assessing Ecocity Conditions

The longest-standing international conference series on building cities in balance with nature. www.ecocity2019.com

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Did you know that in addition to our library of books and articles we also arrange classes and workshops? From #Participatorygis and #communitymapping to #wasteaudit and #communityengagement workshops.

Contact us for more info: https://t.co/xznRa7yTjQ https://t.co/qcj0Ux8FYc
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This will be a great conference, don't miss it! ☺️ #ecocity2019 https://t.co/bXdpC7crQi

An ecocity is committed to sustain and restore the biodiversity of local, regional and global ecosystems. It keeps its demand on ecosystems within the limits of the Earth’s carrying capacity.

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"Preventing irreversible climate disruption is the race of our lives and for our lives. It is a race we can – and must – win."

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United Nations @UN
"Preventing irreversible climate disruption is the race of our lives and for our lives. It is a race we can – and must – win." -- @antonioguterres calling for urgent and ambitious #ClimateAction. https://t.co/Vn6VtSvUZO https://t.co/vAWJJFWtGT
Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders

@IKEA will remove all single-use plastic from its product range and restaurants by 2020 as a part of its latest sustainability plan. That is awesome!😁👏

Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders

Have you registered yet? If not, the pricing has been restructured to make the event more available to a broader range of people. Save the date and join us! Discount ends September 3, 2019.

Ecocity World Summit 2019

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Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders

A successful event in May when Ecocity Builders and its partners developed the closure of our webinar series with all the participants of this course at the PUCP University campus, with the participation of many representatives from around Peru.

These representatives formed groups, where they put...

Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders

The next edition of World Sustainable Built Environment Conference will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden 9-11 June, 2020
Beyond 2020 Gothenburg

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