#EcocityGoingZero: 30 challenges, over 150 posts, inspiring discussions, and countless lessons learned

From July 1-30, 2018, Ecocity Builders organized the Ecocity 30-Day Zero Waste Challenge campaign to connect the threads of personal actions to broader ecocity ideals. Documenting their journey through #EcocityGoingZero, ecocitizens everywhere tackled some of the most pressing zero waste challenges of our time as well as delved into deeper arenas of personal habit and behavior change.

Ecocity World Summit

The Latest from #Ecocity2019:
  • Do you ever wonder what it would take for everyone to live in such a way that we could stop global warming? The Paris Agreement (UNFCC 2018) set an aspirational climate stabilization goal at 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. A new report is open...

Become an exhibitor or sponsor at #Ecocity2019!

Ecocity 2019 offers a tremendous opportunity to market to an international audience of urban stakeholders who are eagerly looking to develop cities in balance with the natural world.

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#Ecocity2019 is taking place in exactly 1 year!

Focusing on the much-anticipated International Ecocity Standards you will experience different sessions such as presentations, field trips and collaborative idea sharing!

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Vancouver is a city with nature at your doorstep, check out these places to see Fall colours. #Ecocity2019 ecocity2019 photo

Join us at #Ecocity2019 in Vancouver, Canada! The summit will take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It is the world's first double LEED® Platinum certified convention centre offering one of the most beautiful settings in the world. ecocity2019 photo

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Urbinsight connects communities with web-based mapping tools designed to explore and measure holistic urban health.


A Global Data Initiative

A forum for in-depth exploration of particular themes in relation to building cities in balance with nature.

Focus Labs

A Forum for In-Depth Exploration

A knowledge portal on sustainable urbanism featuring articles and columns by ecocity experts and enthusiasts.

Ecocities Emerging

The Ecocity Builders Journal

A practical methodology for assessing and guiding progress towards an ecologically-restorative human civilization.

Ecocity Standards

Assessing Ecocity Conditions

Featured Project


Eco-Plaza in the Heart of the City

Berkeley’s re-envisioned Center Street features deep green technologies and thoughtful community place-making strategies. The community plan for the pedestrian plaza was endorsed by the City Council and final technical studies and design work are underway with the City.


Next Generation Participatory Mapping and Analysis

Next Generation Participatory Mapping and Analysis

Urbinsight is a next-generation data analysis platform designed for participatory mapping and planning processes. Its goal is to provide engaged cities and citizens with the necessary tools and technology to affect the resiliency and sustainability of their cities and settlements in a positive way.

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Our 2018 #GivingTuesday campaign will support city greening and local jobs in #Cusco, Peru. Help the local community build the Tambo Recycling and Reuse Center on 11/27!
@GivingTues #zerowaste #sustainable #eco #neighborhood @ecocityb @bicycleurbanist

Abstract submissions window for @ecocity2019 now open! Share your #solutionary projects on Socially Just and Ecologically Sustainable Cities with your peers! -
#Ecocity2019 #ClimateAction #CircularEconomy #SustainableDevelopment #EcocityStandards @bcit

Very apropos affiliate event at @GCAS2018 this Friday to the work we've been doing with #Urbinsight #UrbanMetabolism #EcocityGoingZero #ZeroWaste
Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders

We're pleased to present the Moravia Sustainable Neighborhood Plan, built on groundwork laid by Ecocity Builders and local partners in Medellín since 2014. Developed as part of our #Urbinsight initiative and along #EcocityStandards, the 4 proposals presented in the plan are the results of multi-sectional collaboration...

Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders

#Ecocity2019 is one year from now! Window for abstract submission is now open at

Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders

We're pleased to announce that our 2018 GivingTuesday campaign will support city greening and local jobs in Cusco, Peru.

Throughout 2018, the citizens of Cusco and the staff of Ecocity Builders have gone to heroic efforts to develop an amazing grassroots sustainable neighborhood plan. This November 27th,...

Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders

Dr. Jennie Moore, Director of Institute Sustainability at the BCIT: British Columbia Institute of Technology, discusses a new report now open for public consultation that explores what the UNFCCC Paris Agreement’s aspirational goals mean for household consumption and related lifestyle impacts.

The topic of “sustainable lifestyles and...

Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders

The last chapter in Ecocity Builders Vice President Rick Pruetz's book 'Ecocity Snapshots' is not really the last. We just got word that there will be 3 more chapters to be published on Ecocities Emerging, based on a recent research trip to additional European Green Capitals.