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  • Do you ever wonder what it would take for everyone to live in such a way that we could stop global warming? The Paris Agreement (UNFCC 2018) set an aspirational climate stabilization goal at 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. A new report is open...

It's only fitting that #Ecocity2019 will be hosted in one of the most livable & beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver. We highly encourage delegates to make time to enjoy the outdoors via Stanley Park, a 400-hectare urban park. Learn more: ecocity2019 photo

Introducing Jennie Moore, Director of Institute Sustainability @bcit. We're really looking forward to what the core advisor & lead researcher for development of the International Ecocity Standards will say at #Ecocity2019. Read her bio here: ecocity2019 photo

[Know Your Ecocity Standards] Environmentally friendly transport designed for the human body instead of the car body is an important aspect of ecocity development that supports the Ecocity Standards of Access by Proximity and Clean Air. ecocity2019 photo

Mark you calendars, registration for #Ecocity2019 opens next week on January 18, 2019. Register early to save up to $300 and to to secure your spot at one of the largest conference's discussing sustainable urban living. View registration rates here: ecocity2019 photo

Urbinsight connects communities with web-based mapping tools designed to explore and measure holistic urban health.


A Global Data Initiative

A forum for in-depth exploration of particular themes in relation to building cities in balance with nature.

Focus Labs

A Forum for In-Depth Exploration

A knowledge portal on sustainable urbanism featuring articles and columns by ecocity experts and enthusiasts.

Ecocities Emerging

The Ecocity Builders Journal

A practical methodology for assessing and guiding progress towards an ecologically-restorative human civilization.

Ecocity Standards

Assessing Ecocity Conditions

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So glad Jan Gehl @citiesforpeople is getting the attention he deserves. It's really no rocket science — just redefine Level of Service to keep humans moving — and many cities have (re)caught on to it. #EcocityStandards #UrbanDesign #AccessByProximity

#ecocities are part of the #climateaction solution. Join us @ecocity2019 with some of the world’s forefront leaders transforming cities for 1.5 degree Celsius stability through #lowcarbonlifestyles. #stepup for #climatechange. Registration opens January 2019. #ecocity2019 EcocityBuilder photo

#climateaction is one of the @ecocity2019 conference themes. The call for proposals is now open. Come #takeyourseat with us as we unpack 1.5 degree Celsius low carbon lifestyles. #ecocity2019 #lighterfootprint #lighterliving.
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UN Climate Change @UNFCCC
Sir David Attenborough has launched a new @UN campaign to promote #climateaction > See how you can take action via a special Facebook messenger app. #TakeYourSeat
Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders

Introducing Jennie Moore, Director of Institute Sustainability at BCIT: British Columbia Institute of Technology.
Not only is Jennie an experienced Academic Administrator and Sustainability Planner, Jennie is also a core advisor & lead researcher for development of the International Ecocity Standards. Developed after a decade-long partnership between Ecocity Builders...

Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders

Ecocity 2019 will be hosted in one of the most livable and beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver. Vancouver offers plenty of fine dining and shopping, but is also an excellent place for more outdoor pursuits such as hiking, golfing, and boating. The #Ecocity 2019 venue is located...

Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders

Looking for a fun and creative work environment surrounded by eco people of all stripes in 2019?

Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders

Getting around Vancouver on bike, foot and public transit is something we're particularly jazzed about for #Ecocity2019!

Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders
Ecocity Builders

Registration opens in January -- but you can submit an abstract for a paper or presentation now. Come join us in beautiful Vancouver next October, starting planning your trip!