Q&A with Joshua Castro, Ecocity Builders’ local lead for Cusco’s sustainable plan

Q&A with Joshua Castro, Ecocity Builders’ local lead for Cusco’s sustainable plan

Joshua Castro is Ecocity Builders’ local lead for Cusco’s sustainable plan. Joining Team Urbinsight during Phase 2 of the program, he has been capturing the progress in participating neighborhoods through interviews, photography and videos. We recently caught up with Joshua to ask him a few questions.

What was the project you were working on?  
Sustainable Plan for Camino Real Neighborhood – Cusco

How was the experience in general?  
During the time working with Ecocity Builders, I had the opportunity to improve my personal and professional skills because all of the people I could meet and the tasks that I had. Many of the situations during the development of the plan, were totally different in many ways and I could learn many things to perform myself in these situations and to do my best at this job.
Do you think your participation made an impact for the community?   
Yes, I do. Because of the different proposals that came out from the ideas of me and my team, we tried to support with different opinions to the neighborhood’s problems. Also the people I met, learned many things about the knowledge I could shared with them and vicevers.
What did you learn that was unexpected?
I learned more about the water issues affecting the people, nature and the ecosystem. Also, I had the opportunity to learn from my team about urban planning and laws about it.
Has your experience influenced your worldview?  
Totally, meeting people from the neighborhood, from the municipality, from US embassy and from UNEP, let me expand my knowledge and increased my ambitious to know the world and learn abroad to improve my professional skills.
Has your experience influenced your career path?  
Yes, after these experiences I decided to study water master programmes abroad in order to be a better professional in this specific area to support the present and future problems of the lack of water in our world.
How did you hear about Ecocity Builders?  
I heard about Ecocity Builders during Secondary Cities course in my university.

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