Classes & Workshops

Classes & Workshops

As a nonprofit educational organization, education lies at the core of our work and mission. In addition to our vast library of books and articles as well as a long history of public speaking and presenting on the topic of ecological cities, we are well known for developing and teaching cutting edge classes and workshops.

From Participatory GIS and Community Mapping to Waste Audit and Community Engagement Workshops, when it comes to sharing the tools for holistic and equitable urban planning, Ecocity Builders can provide experienced and engaging speakers for your event/conference and offer classes and workshops for a wide range of audiences, including city government, community groups, NGOs and businesses.

Find out more about our educational approach through the EcoCompass. For more info or to book a workshop, contact us.

Participatory Action Research and Citizen Engagement Workshop

The participatory methods used can be thought of as a mirror for the community: the map reflects back social, economic and ecological information about the community using visualization techniques. By “seeing” what they look like as a system, citizens are able to get a full picture of the urban condition and therefore more clearly define a vision for their version of an Ecocity. In other words, by knowing where we stand, we can determine where we need to go and how we can get there.

Participatory GIS and Community Mapping Workshop

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) describes is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present different types of geographical and spatial data. To collect and analyze the data need for the UrbInsight Platform we use methods of participatory mapping. Participatory GIS is about communities locating themselves, spatially, according to the environment that shapes their lives. Participatory GIS is also about how communities locate themselves socially within society. Utilizing participatory GIS, the community mapping workshop explores ways to address inequities in decision making processes that determine how neighborhoods are planned and resources managed.

UrbInsight Waste Audit Workshop

Designed as a pre-pilot for our UrbInsight platform that empowers citizens to measure and improve their city’s health, this workshop begins with presentations of the waste audits that community members have been pre-assigned to conduct in their neighborhoods, followed by Ecocity Builders’ pilot city team leaders sharing experiences from their respective citizen surveys. The Project Facilitator then walks participants through the tools to create the metaflow diagrams that give meaning to their data. During a final round table participants strategize on how to expand the audits beyond their own neighborhoods and discuss ways to include other ecocity indicators such as energy and water use in their audits, with the goal of establishing a long-term Urbinsight pilot project.