Ecocity Builders team facilitates community data collection workshops and demos in Medellín & Cusco

Last month the Ecocity Builders team traveled to our pilot city partners in Medellín/Colombia and Cusco/Peru to facilitate professional workshops as well as onsite demos to train communities in how to collect, upload, and visualize data from their own neighborhoods. Part of our Urbinsight platform currently under development, the overarching vision of these direct engagements is to create more robust urban knowledge systems through a community oriented process that leverages residents’ inherent familiarity with the spaces they live in.

Under the US Office of the Geographer’s Secondary City Program, Ecocity Builders is helping to build a regional South American program for capacity-building and data-generating activities that will connect secondary cities with web-based mapping tools and educational programs designed to boost resiliency, support better planning and urban growth management, and enable more robust emergency management planning.

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