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Ecocity’s Inner Circle

Welcome to Ecocity’s Inner Circle! Here you can learn and exchange ideas with urban ecologists from around the world.



Resources and Activities

Ecocity Communications Center and Bulletin Board  – The Bulletin Board is meant to increase interactivity and knowledge sharing among Inner Circle members. The Board is pre-loaded with the content (papers and presentations) from Ecocity World Summit 2019, sorted into the four “pillars” of the Ecocity Framework.

2020 Inner Circle Webinar Series  – Join Ecocity Builders’ Executive Director Kirstin Miller and special guests for a 2-hour deep dive into a different ecocity topic every three months. Registration information and webinar details will be shared approximately 2-3 weeks before each webinar. Attendees will be able to ask questions. Webinars will be recorded so that you may access them anytime, even if you can’t attend the live event.

  • January 15 – Sound Quality – A New Ecocity Standard
  • April 15 – Ecocity Economics for Neighborhood Ecologies
  • July 15 – Fractal Logic
  • October 15 – Ecocities and One Planet Lifestyles

Ecocity Builders uses the Zoom conference platform for online webinars and training.