Ecocity World Summit

Ecocity World Summit

Our International Ecocity Conference Series (IECS) consisting of biannual Ecocity World Summits (EWS) addresses the way humanity builds its home, promoting the understanding and development of cities that are ecologically healthy and sustainable, economically prosperous and fair, and socially just and caring. Also known as ECOCITY, these inspiring gatherings of urban stakeholders from across the globe focus on key actions cities and citizens can take to rebuild our human habitat in balance with living systems.

Past Summits


First held in Berkeley/USA in 1990, the IECS is the longest standing international conference series on ecocities and has been hosted by the following cities:

  • Ecocity 12: Melbourne, Australia, 2017
  • Ecocity 11: Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2015
  • Ecocity 10: Nantes, France, 2013
  • Ecocity 9: Montreal, Canada, 2011
  • Ecocity 8: Istanbul, Turkey, 2009
  • Ecocity 7: San Francisco, USA, 2008
  • Ecocity 6: Bangalore, India, 2006
  • Ecocity 5: Shenzhen, China, 2002
  • Ecocity 4: Curitiba, Brazil, 2000
  • Ecocity 3: Yoff, Senegal, 1996
  • Ecocity 2: Adelaide, Australia, 1992
  • Ecocity 1: Berkeley, USA, 1990

Ecocity 2019: Vancouver, B.C.

October 7-9, 2019

Socially Just and Ecologically Sustainable Cities

Apply to Host

Ecocity Builders invites expressions of interest from those wishing to bid for hosting the Ecocity World Summit. Please keep checking back for the bid manual for the summit after Ecocity 2019 in Vancouver.

Ecocity 2013 à La Cité – Nantes Events Center.