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In order to further complement the broad scope of Ecocity World Summits, Ecocity Builders has launched a more in-depth issues companion series, Ecocity Forum. This sister series is meant to provide a forum and opportunity to explore new ecocity ideas, different approaches, and innovative ecocity projects in more depth and detail.

To date, Ecocity Forum has been hosted by the following cities:


20161st Ecocity Forum ‘International Ecocity Standards’. Vancouver, Canada. Hosted by the British Columbia Institute of Technology, School of Construction and the Environment in collaboration with Ecocity Builders, the first Ecocity Forum focused on developing the International Ecocity Standards (IES) framework. The event involved participants from diverse fields to discuss and devise innovative solutions to environmental challenges affecting cities. Find more information in this report.

20182nd Ecocity Forum ‘Circular Economy in Smart Cities’. Thessaloniki, Greece. Hosted by nonprofit Ecocity Greece, the second edition focused on the dissemination of the collective global knowledge on circular economy issues, as well as on raising public awareness and mobilizing national and regional administration toward today’s global challenges. More information.

20183rd Ecocity Forum ‘Ecocity from the perspective of smart cities’. Chennai, India. Hosted by the Hindustan University of Technology and Science, the third iteration of the Ecocity Forum invited participants to explore the dichotomy between ecocity and smart city development and how the two could be merged to create sustainable urban centers.

20214th Ecocity Forum ‘Green Cities Fit for Life’. Lathi, Finland. The 4th edition of the Ecocity Forum was hosted by Lahti in Finland, the European Green Capital in 2021. The virtual forum gathered decision-makers, companies, city experts and researchers to discuss how to build future cities that are healthy and ecological, to provide infrastructure, innovations and services that enable citizens to live more sustainably. More information

Focused on Key Issues, Projects & Places

Like the Ecocity World Summits, Ecocity Forum conferences can investigate urban problems, climate change, renewable energy, transportation, environmentally healthy architecture, city layout and anything else related to ecocities. But unlike Ecocity World Summits, Ecocity Forum conferences do not attempt to address the entire range of ecocity topics. They instead focus on a smaller number of key issues, projects and places.

Host an Ecocity Forum

For more info and guidelines, download the Ecocity Forum Application Manual.