Reshaping cities for the long-term health of human and natural systems


An ecocity is “a human settlement modeled on the self-sustaining resilient structure and function of natural ecosystems.” Ecocity Builders facilitates a framework that enables participating cities to assess their overall ecological health and performance.


The city is designed and developed with the underlying principle of access by proximity, providing residents with walkable access to open/green spaces, basic urban services and affordable housing. It demonstrates environmentally friendly transport options and provides walking and transit access to close-by emploment.


The city commits to responsible management of resources and materials as well as the generation and use of clean, renewable energy. It maintains a level of physical conditions that ensure clean air and access to clean and safe water. It fosters healthy soil and makes sure nutritious, locally grown food is available.


The city provides access to lifelong education for all and facilitates conditions for vibrant human expression, knowledge, interaction & governance by promoting cultural activities and full community participation. It invests in an equitable economy that benefits people and planet and is committed to the well being of every citizen, regardless of socioeconomic status.


The city is committed to sustaining and restoring biodiversity of local, regional and global ecosystems, including species diversity, ecosystem diversity and genetic diversity. It keeps its demand on ecosystems within the limits of the Earth's carrying capacity and supports ecological integrity by maintaining essential linkages within and between ecological corridors.


A Global Data Initiative

Urbinsight connects communities with knowledge and tools they can use to improve social and environmental health and well-being.


A Forum for In-Depth Exploration

A forum for in-depth exploration of themes and issues related to urban ecology.​


The Ecocity Builders Journal

A knowledge portal on sustainable urbanism. Features articles and columns by ecocity experts and enthusiasts.


Assessing Ecocity Conditions

A practical methodology for assessing and guiding progress towards an ecologically-restorative human civilization.

Ecocity World Summit London 2023

The pioneer global conference on sustainable cities, Ecocity World Summit brings together urban stakeholders from across the globe to focus on key actions cities and citizens can take to rebuild our human habitat in balance with living systems.

The hybrid physical-virtual summit will take place 6-8 June 2023, set in the iconic Barbican Centre in the centre of the city of London.

Ecocity World Summit 2021-2022

Conference Proceedings

February 22-24, 2022. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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