Off to a great start! Now is the time to dive into the Ecocity 30-Day Zero Waste Challenge!

Off to a great start! Now is the time to dive into the Ecocity 30-Day Zero Waste Challenge!

Week 1 of the Ecocity 30-Day Zero Waste Challenge has been off to a great start, thanks to all who’ve signed up and those who’ve jumped onboard as the ripples were spreading across social media.

Here are just a couple of comments we’ve received:

“Something that happened: I went to my usual café for an iced strawberry hibiscus tea (YUM) and said out loud, “No straw”. And he said, “They’re over there.” And I said, “No, I’m saying no straw out loud to remind myself not to use one. Plastic waste.” Barista said, “Oh yeah, that’s a good idea.” Sez me: “Why not have real straw straws?” Sez he: “Actually we want to experiment with paper ones.” I sez, “Do it. I will buy more tea.” We smiled. Technique for spreading eco-challenge invented.”
– Dorothy Potter Snyder, Hillsborough, North Carolina

“So cool! I haven’t signed up and I don’t use Instagram (yet), but so far my family is right there with you. No disposable straws, our own water bottle, and I always bring my travel mug to the coffee shops where I regularly go to write. I dream of us becoming more like the old Tibetans, who brought their one wooden bowl everywhere they went, no matter how fancy or elegant the place. They used their bowl for tea or food or alms, basically for everything.”
– Magali Morales, Santa Cruz, California

Speaking of not using Instagram, quite a few of you have been wondering if there are other ways of participating besides Instagram. The answer is YES! If you’re on Facebook, you can just post your photo and/or comment about a particular challenge on your wall and tag us @EcocityBuilders – we’ll repost. And if you don’t do social media altogether, feel free to email us your feedback/inspiration to info at ecocitybuilders dot org and we’ll post it for you.

If you haven’t posted anything yet, no worries. You can start any time mid-challenge for as many task as you’re comfortable with. Today’s #Challenge6 is “Reduce single-use household paper products” and the next 4 days are as follows:

#EcocityGoingZero #Challenge7: Eliminate single-use plastic bags
#EcocityGoingZero #Challenge8: Day 8: Enjoy waste-free snacks
#EcocityGoingZero #Challenge9: Day 9: Become a better recycler
#EcocityGoingZero #Challenge10:
Day 10: Have a money-free day

If any of these sound like fun to you, we’d love to see how you’re approaching them. Just use the hashtags as shown above as well as as many others as you see fit and share your experience with us. If you need some inspiration, check out the Instagram stream at #EcocityGoingZero or check out these samples:

If you have friends or family who’d like to participate, it’s never too late to sign up or just jump in at our challenge page.

See you all out there in the Zero Waste space!


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