Sustainable Plan for Camino Real neighborhood in Cusco, Peru

Sustainable Plan for Camino Real neighborhood in Cusco, Peru

We’re pleased to announce the final version of Sustainable Neighborhoods – Camino Real, a collaborative and intersectional plan that is the culmination of a multi-year project dating back to 2015 when we first began working with Cusco’s communities through our Urbinsight global data and participatory action research initiative.

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Initiated and financed by UN Environment Program’s (UNEP) Global Initiative for Resource Efficient Cities (GI-REC) and led by Ecocity Builders in conjunction with our local government, academic, and community partners, Sustainable Neighborhoods – Camino Real is a diagnosis of neighborhood conditions based on UNEP’s neighborhood approach to transform cities, as well as the 4 pillars and 18 standards of the Ecocity Framework & Standards.

The neighborhood on the Northwestern slope of the Cusco Valley was designated as an ideal location for the ambitious scope of the project. For one, a lot of existing research, maps, data, and Urban Metabolism studies were already available from the Urbinsight implementation, yielding not only the valuable information needed to base recommendations on but forging a strong bond between local experts, students, and the municipality. Moreover, the local community had a shared vision for their neighborhood as an Eco-Barrio and the Cusco Planning Department saw Camino Real as a perfect test case for replicability due to its many shared socio-economic and physical characteristics with other neighborhoods.

After coming up with over 50 initial proposals, the team developed four integrated final proposals that address community needs and sustainability goals.

  1. CAMINO REAL COMMUNITY CENTER is a lively, multi-functional space that brings the community together. The proposed center could provide a space for ancestral healing, community dance workshops, government meetings and education.
  2. TAMBO RECYCLING & REUSE CENTER addresses one of the most pressing needs of Camino Real community, regarding waste management. Designed with recycle, reuse and compost functions, it would significantly improve environment and change the material flow of this neighborhood.
  3. LLIKLLA CAMINO REAL includes all proposals that span the community as a whole — much like “lliklla”, a woven fabric of pieces of Camino Real. Restore green spaces at various locations, improve pedestrian walkways and repair drainage systems.
  4. Governance Committees proposes 6 different government committees, such as Environmental committee and Safe Constructions committee. These committees are responsible for project execution and community organization, covering areas of environmental and public health concerns.

Of the four proposals, the community determined that the Tambo Recycling and Reuse Center proposal should have the highest priority, as it tackles the issue of waste accumulation in the neighborhood and the community’s green spaces.

As a result, the expert team and Ecocity Builders have decided to move forward with the implementation of this proposal. We invite you to follow along on our blog and Facebook page as we work with the Camino Real community members as well as local experts in Cusco to develop a detailed project plan for implementation. To help make sure that this prototypal center is built and can be replicated, please visit our fundraising page.

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