Ecocitizen World Map Project at COP20 and UN Habitat Urban Thinkers Campus

Ecocitizen World Map Project at COP20 and UN Habitat Urban Thinkers Campus

Ecocity Builders brought the Ecocitizen World Map Project (EWM) to the UNFCCC’s COP20 conference, held in Lima, Peru last December. Projects Facilitator Ashoka Finley presented “Neighborhood Ecologies: Mapping and Assessment for Resilient Communities” at a Sustainable Cities Pavilion Side Event, addressing the importance of engaging citizens in the process of environmental assessment and participatory planning as a critical step in establishing sustainable practices and systems.

Ecocity Builders Executive Director Kirstin Miller announced that Lima would join Cairo, Casablanca, and Medellin as the project’s 4th pilot city. As the second largest desert city in the world behind Cairo, Miller pointed to the great potential for Lima to engage in collaboration and knowledge exchanges with Cairo on water issues.

At UN Habitat’s inaugural Urban Thinkers Campus in Caserta, Italy, Ashoka Finley introduced participatory urban metabolism surveying techniques applied during bootcamps in pilot cities Cairo and Casablanca. The EWM team is working on hosting an Urban Thinkers Campus at the upcoming Ecocity World Summit in Abu Dhabi in October.

Watch a  Ecocity Builders’ Executive Director outside Mundiapolis University in Casablanca describe the team’s initial experiences with citizen surveys in the first pilot cities and where the project will go from here.



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  • Dirk
    Posted at 01:35h, 24 August

    As a species we are flliany waking up to the Climatic crisis that we have stupidly gotten ourselves into. After many years of not listening, people now realise the problem we face: ADAPT OR DIE. Some see the human species as a cancer that should die off, a natural end for a silly species. But others have a vision of a sustainable world, a vision that drives them to think differently, act differently, design differently, live differently. For many its simple little lifestyle changes, for others its nothing short of the next chapter in this unfolding strange story of civilization: the ecological revolution.more at link