Ecocity World Summit 2019 in Vancouver Launches Website

Ecocity World Summit 2019 in Vancouver Launches Website

In 2019, Vancouver will proudly host an international audience of urban stakeholders who are eagerly looking to develop cities in balance with the natural world. The conference website is now up and running at The organizers are actively working with key individuals to create a program that speaks to the many challenges cities face around the globe.

The concept behind Socially Just and Ecologically Sustainable Cities will be explored through insightful presentations, educational field trips, and collaborative idea sharing. Important sub-themes include climate action, circular economies, and informal solutions for development.

Of special interest, the conference will focus on the much-anticipated International Ecocity Standards (IES). The IES has 18 standards pertaining to sustainable urban living grouped under urban design, bio-geophysical conditions, socio-cultural features, and ecological imperatives.

Stay updated on developments in and around the Vancouver Summit including early registration news via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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